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Stanford Hall nr. Lutterworth, Leics.

LE17 6DH

Full details of this event is on the Club News page

To book a Club stand for Stanford Hall please visit the Club News page, download the booking form and return to us by email or post.

Interested in entering into the Concours? please visit the Club News page, download the booking form and return to us by email or post.

Want to enter the Concours?

What the judges are looking for...

The Concours at Stanford will see some of the finest Minis in the country. The standards to which they are prepared are extremely high and many hours of effort and toil go into getting the cars ready for the event. Somehow they have to be judged and somehow winners have to be found.

The task of the Judges is a thankless one. The NMOC have, over many years, developed a fantastic team of Judges who work tirelessly during the day, they know exactly what they are looking for and where to look. Here are a few pointers for you:

The exterior...

Paintwork must be in the best possible condition and prepared to a very high standard of finish. Touch ups will be indiscernible from the main colour and oversprays will be marked down, as will residues of polish and bits of cloth snagged on chromework. Panels will be dent free and doors, bonnets and boot lids will fit perfectly.Rust or visibly repaired damaged will cost many points.

The interior...

Will have been vacuumed out and special attention paid to carpets, mats etc not only on top but also underneath. Seats will be clean and will probably have been prepared with suitable upholstery cleaner. Dashboards, dial surrounds and door panels will also be in perfect condition. Headlining's also come in for special attention. The interior will be as empty as possible. No rubbish, no full ashtrays, picnic items or the dog!

The engine bay...

Should be as clean as possible. Many entrants lose points through having the top part of the engine clean but the bottom part not up to the same standard. All should be cleaned to the maximum and all wiring should be neat and tidy, hoses will be in good condition and buffed with a soft cloth.

The underside...

Will be as clean as can be possible. The exhaust will be in good condition, the underwing areas should pass the 'white glove' test. This is where the Judge runs his or her hand round the under the wings and their hand should emerge as clean as it was when put into the wing. Wheels, often forgotten, should be clean and in first class condition. Tyres should be clean and within the law.

A note from Mr Judge himself...

Don't let this frighten you off - anyone with a bit of patience can do it - why not have a go? It is not the prize to be won but the sense of achievement when you get a first or second - this is what gets you hooked and keeps you going!

If this is not quite your sort of thing - give a thought to putting it on our 'Showplace' stand. This is for the best cars whose owners do not want to enter the spirit of the Concours but enjoy showing their cars off to other Mini enthusiasts.


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