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The Club was founded in 1979 when the Mini was already 20 years old when the enthusiasm for the Mini was growing from mild interest to real enthusiasm as realisation hit the motorist and Mini owner as to what an original, charismatic car it actually was. The Mini went from the basic standard run around to the car to be seen with and in,and the more you could add onto the vehicle the better, then suddenly it became a car that had to be restored into a totally original looking vehicle, the more it looked like it had come out of the factory the better....The National Mini Owners Club, based in the Midlands with members all over the world, is recognised worldwide and enjoys full approval and high regard by the major motoring magazines for all of its benefits to the member....

Our aims are simply to promote the preservation and use of the Mini (over 5 million were produced from 1959 – 2000) or MINI, new to the Mini scene. The Mini was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis (creator of the Morris Minor as well) built by the British Motor Corporation and and then British Leyland eventually carrying the Rover badge. Its innovative design, simplicity, durability, cheeky charisma and style have created fame and familiarity known the world over. The NMOC exists to unite these people who have a fondness of these loveable cars and those people who still use them as everyday transport. ...

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