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The BOOK STORE- Links to Mini books sold via Amazon.
Complete Classic Mini 1959-2000
A comprehensive guide to the 5,387,862 Minis built between 1959 and 2000. Production of the Mini has ended, but the enthusiasm for this motoring icon turned affordable classic continues to flourish and the market for well-preserved examples is stronger than ever. This book tells you all you how to identify one type from another, their equipment, performance, technical specification, options, production dates and much more.
The Mini: 40 years of fun
This text tells the story of the Mini's development over time and the story of how Mini owners have changed and the uses to which the car has been put. A sociopolitical examination of the Mini as a statement of class, sex, status and environmental intent.
New Mini
Like the car itself, New Mini has proved a hot property, selling more than 7,000 copies - and Practical Classics termed the book 'excellent'. So much has happened since the birth of the MINI that a new edition has become necessary, with coverage of the very latest diesel and cabriolet models. This expanded book, packed with even more information and photographs, is expected to become a fashion accessory.
Mini Restoration Manual (Haynes Resto Series)
How to renovate bodywork and interiors; how to give new life to mechanical and electrical components; how to modify your car for improved performance and appearance. Covers all models of the Mini.
Mini Performance Manual (Haynes Performance Manual Series)
The 'classic' Mini is a sixties icon that remained in production for 40 years. Unveiled to the press in August 1959, the Mini ignored many long-established design principles and bristled with innovative features. The car instantly won favour with tuners and modifiers, and today the Mini remains one of the most popular project cars with performance tuners.
Tuning the A-Series Engine
A third edition of the title, originally published in 1985, which provides all the information required to successfully tune the Series A engine.
Building, Preparing and Racing Your Mini
Mini racing is the affordable route to competitive motorsport -either as a first step in a motor racing career or just for the fun and friendship of clubman's racing. National Championship winner Bill Sollis tells how he started back in 1984 and gives a complete guide to all aspects of going racing in a Mini, describing what to expect and how to buy, build and race-tune a Mini for success on the track.
How to Modify Your Mini
Although it's now over thirty years old this is probably still the definitve title for the Mini. The majority of competing titles concentrate solely on the engine and it's ancillaries, this book covers almost every part of the car. Engine, suspension, brakes, wheels, tyres, bodywork, etc.

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